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My first ever art fair!

It was a draining weekend but it was 100% worth it.

My first ever exhibition where my artwork would be displayed for the world to see.

I was excited and nervous, not knowing the reaction I would receive. After hours of putting together the pieces I didn't even know I needed, I stood by my stall not knowing what to anticipate.

I was approached by one person, then another, then groups of people at some points, all of varying backgrounds and listened to their observations of my work which was the most interesting part of the fair for me.

"You tend to paint a lot of hair" a smartly dressed middle aged man commented whilst closely analysing what hung before him. I've never once paid attention but my new critic appeared to be correct.

On the third day, I decided i'd try my hand at live painting. BIG MISTAKE. The interruptions, noise and glaring eyes intimidated me as much I anticipated. It was worth a try though!

The best part of the whole 4 days was being able to interact with people who resonated with my artwork. One of the main aims of my work is to allow the audience to identify with the subjects. I want to remind them of their own relationships and precious moments. After completing the fair I realised I am one step closer to achieving my target.

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