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Royal academy of British artists: Mall Galleries visit

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

27th February 2020

'Drunken night' - Nalia Hazell

Steven Spielberg by Tomas Schafernaker.

Who would have known a BBC weather man could be capable of producing such exceptional artwork? I was watching a particular programme on TV when I saw the detailed pencil drawings of a talented artist, not knowing that familiar face was that of Tomas Schafernaker.

He specialises in hyper realism and this day, I saw one of his astounding pieces at the Mall Galleries. The sheer scale and amount of detail proves what a dedicated artist he is.

The realism is reminiscent of Kelvin Okafor pieces, although this presents itself in a completely different medium.

It was thought provoking, drawing my attention to how similar artwork can be created in entirely different ways...Not something I had ever thought about.


Carole Griffin - The apparent real and the unreal & The thin red line

The further I walked through the exhibition, the more astounded I was. There were so many different types of artwork on display. Some detailed and some slightly more abstract, although still managing to maintain intricacy and depth. One of the paintings that caught my attention was an extremely realistic oil painting of a bunch of grapes. I could've sworn it was a picture.

I came across another oil painting. I instantly decided it was one of my favourites. It is a still life depiction of a pottery arrangement. What drew my attention was the overall composition, the use of the mirror but mainly the colour scheme. The palette is contrasting yet manages to be complimentary somehow. Yellow, blue and white are the main colours and the shapes are crisp. The paint is applied in such a way that it appears almost opaque. All this whilst still maintaining a level of realism. Amazing.😊

Right to the left, was a painting by the same artist Carole Griffin named 'the thin red line'. The reflection in the metallic tea pot intrigued me because the colours so accurately mimic that of real gold. I studied it carefully, making a mental note to replicate the same effect in some of my later works.

More artwork I was impressed by!

'Incredibly intricate Oil on canvas, must have been so time consuming!'

- Rochelle Ayele

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