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The Undiscovered fashion show 2018

The Undiscovered show 2018 took place in September

showcasing up and coming designers from around the country. Rochelle had the pleasure to display her newest collection, including children's wear modelled by her two year old niece.

Spring summer collection 2017

This collection is inspired by street wear and western silohuettes. Intended for women who want to look good and represent their culture through the clothes they wear. Easy to dress up or keep casual, each piece has an individual touch, leaving you feeling unique and beautiful.

Akomadjen 2017 Asante inspired print collection.

'Akomadjen' is the Twi word for jewellery. The language of the Ashanti people of Ghana. The history and the intricacies of the jewellery is what inspired the shapes and structure of the prints as well as the metallic palette used.This collection of fine silk prints reflects an ancient culture that is close to the hearts of many.

bug repeat.jpg
bead pattern.jpg

'Flowers for my heroine' Project 2016


'Flowers for my heroine' was inspired by influential black women throughout history. The palette was taken from spring foliage and the finished products intended for women's wear.